Meditation Musings ~ A Peaceful Mind of Surrendering to this Moment

Certain practices teach you to stay within the body during times of emotional turmoil.  The importance of meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices is that they allow you to reconnect and witness the body-mind over and over again. Through our practice, we begin to recognize that we are not this turmoil and it is not necessary to react. So at least for a moment, let loose of your fears, breathe in and release. Experience a touch of mental clarity and feel the sweet breeze of resting in a peaceful mind. Even in this brief surrender we attune to staying present in moments of difficulty.  Eventually we learn from repeated experience that fears do not have to consume our minds. As a result, concentration develops that leads to a strong mind with a clear presence. This the fruit of surrendering to this moment.  What else could possibly sustain you?

Gwen Hanner
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Meditation as Therapy
Yoga as Therapy