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Gwen is providing individual and couples therapy and counseling to clients via her private, security-encrypted Zoom video sessions.


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy integrates hypnosis and effective psychotherapy with healing energy work and the clients’ personal spiritual connection.

Meditation Class

Gwen is leading a donation community class in mindfulness meditation.

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M. W.
Hypnotherapy Client

“As a person in early recovery, I was having problems with several issues that going to meetings everyday couldn’t help me resolve. When Gwen proposed hypnotherapy as a possible solution, I must admit I was skeptical. But the first session was fantastic and really help me deal with these issues. It was so successful that I have done two more. And any time I get stuck on something in my recovery, I would not hesitate to do it again. Plus, Gwen is the best! Her calming, soothing voice and demeanor coupled with her professional knowledge of therapy how to administer a hypnotherapy session are awesome.”

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E. B.
Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Client

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help! The counseling sessions were great but the hypnotherapy was the best! Before I came to see you I was very stressed and feeling depressed. I couldn’t sleep well at night and I had text anxiety. Because of that I did not do very well on my SAT’s or ACT’s this past spring. But because of all the help you gave me with these issues I increased both of my scores when I took them this Fall. In fact, my SAT score was flagged by the testing service and they questioned why I was able to increase my score so much! I would recommend your counseling to any student that has text anxiety or difficulty in taking standardized tests! Thank you again so much!”

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M. Merino
Meditation Client

“As a complete novice to the world of meditation only one year ago, Gwen Hanner has been instrumental in developing my meditation techniques. The knowledge she shares is incredibly powerful in its simplicity. What I learned in her class helped me go very deep in less time and with less struggle. It’s now become easier to calm my mind and touch the Divine that exists in my soul.

Because of Gwen’s teaching, I realized that my way of meditating was still primitive. In her class, I learned new tools that led me to a level of consciousness beyond what I had imagined. My peace, my joy, and happiness are growing every day. Actually, my projects and unconditional love for others grows with the possibility of overflowing.

Her energy is infectious. She makes you smile, from the moment you enter the room, to the second you leave and long into the days after. She’s the real deal!”

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Hypnotherapy Client

“I had been through counseling several times for my abusive past, but it wasn’t until I went through just one hypnotherapy session with Gwen that I was finally able to finally put my demons to rest.  I have also found her weekly meditation group to be extremely helpful.  Gwen has a way of honing in on your true issues and helping you find ways to resolve them quickly.  I have never felt more confident or happy with who I am – Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Gwen!” 

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Hypnotherapy Client

“About a year and a half ago a co-worker recommended Gwen to me for counseling and hypnotherapy. I wanted to lose weight, so I thought, “Sure, I’ll give hypnosis a try.” I can honestly say that I lost about 50 pounds after a few sessions with Gwen. I can also honestly say that my entire focus shifted from losing weight to being healthy – inside and out. The changes I experienced in Gwen’s conscientious care were, quite simply, unbelievable. My friends noticed. My family noticed. I got healthier from the inside out.

After that, I decided to try a Meditation as Therapy group that Gwen had arranged. I had always been highly skeptical of any “Group Therapy.” Just the phrase left a bad taste in my mouth, but I had so much faith in Gwen that I tried it anyway. That’s when things really took off! The other ladies in the group became a support system unlike anything I have ever known. I began taking positive chances and growing as a person in ways I would never have imagined possible.

There is a phrase that Gwen uses in the beginning of each meditation: “Letting go of all judgements…” What a beautiful phrase. With Gwen’s help, I learned to understand, love, and appreciate myself. If I hadn’t learned to let go of those negative feelings, I would be where I was a year and a half ago. But I’m not. I’m so far from that person that to say, “I lost weight” doesn’t begin to explain how much richer and blessed I feel everyday… Thank you, Gwen.”

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Hypnotherapy Client

“Hypnotherapy freed me.  After my last intensive session with Gwen I have discovered a true peace from within.  She pulled out emotions I buried; issues I ignored and never dealt with.  Gwen helped me release baggage I have been carrying for years.  As a result I have been able to love and accept myself in a way I have never experienced before.  I recently reunited with my father who I have not seen or spoken with in years.  He noticed so many positive changes that he said; “Whatever you are doing, keep it up.”  And I will, Thank you Gwen!”

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Meditation Client

“As a medical professional who faces an intensive daily schedule and personal challenges, I discovered a remarkable inner peace through the expert teachings of Gwen Hanner, who is an incredible, insightful, and gifted therapist.  Gwen possesses the unique ability to restore wellness in people through masterful and creative techniques, of which I had never experienced previously.  Gwen has also orchestrated a dynamic “House of Love”, as I call it, in Jai Dee Wellness Studio.  The additional experience of Jai Dee has helped me to lose myself in love by way of meditation, yoga and the expert teachings of Gwen.  Om Shanti.” 

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Restorative Yoga Client

“Restorative Yoga is the calm in the storm of my life…trying to be a successful business owner, wife, mother, sister and friend.  I notice a difference when I don’t attend.  I’m less able to find calm and deal with the stress.  Gwen, thank you for the chance to restore my body, mind, and soul each week.  It makes such a big difference in my life.” 

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Hypnotherapy Client

“I just wanted to take a moment to express how hypnotherapy has impacted my life.  Since our session I find myself able to cope better with life situations without the usual anxiety, and about the outcome.  I know the outcome will be a positive one now because I see that the interaction is mine to control and the other person or persons are manifesting the same old games of their childhood with no awareness of how it affects others. I do not get caught up in the dysfunction of these people anymore and now chose to limit my time spent with those that are pushing their dysfunction into my life.

I am finally at peace with my world and myself. I wish I had done the hypnotherapy with Gwen years ago so I could have avoided all those years of pain.”